Blown Cellulose Insulation: Go green!

Paper is the single largest component of the residential waste stream. Cellulose insulation is 85% recycled paper fiber. Plus, in field tests and actual home fires, it has been proven that cellulose insulation provides a better defense against the spread of fire and creates a longer opportunity to exit a burning structure.

Cellulose insulation is treated for fire retardancy and is given a Class I fire safety rating. Cellulose is also bug and critter-retardant!

Unlike other insulations, it won’t settle, decay, or provide food for animals or microbes. It’s effective for the life of your home.

How Does Blown Cellulose Insulation Work?

Cellulose insulation is packed into an insulation blower and blown through tubes that feed from the blower into the desired application area. The cellulose insulation naturally settles in cavities and open spaces and blankets existing insulation; no pressure is applied to the insulation once it’s blown.

After the insulation settles, the freshly insulated spaces are patched up and painted if need be.

Benefits of Blown Cellulose Insulation

The benefits of using cellulose insulation in your home or commercial building include:

  • Filling tight, hard-to-reach spaces;
  • Affordable, with a good R-value of 3.5 per inch of thickness;
  • Can be used to easily insulate already finished walls;
  • Insect and critter-retardant.

Cellulose insulation is also made from recycled materials, so its application has eco-friendly benefits.

Applications for Blown Cellulose:

Attics and Nonconforming spaces: Cellulose insulation sprays out of the hose several feet, filling in large areas and small gaps quickly and completely.

Walls: Holes are drilled and filled with Blown Cellulose, then plugged and patched.

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