Blown-in fiberglass insulation, or loose-fill insulation, is composed of pulled-apart bits of fiberglass.

It is blown or sprayed into place with pneumatic equipment and is ideal for use in hard-to-reach areas, such as attics. It can also be used to fill wall cavities and installed over existing insulation.

Fiberglass is blown into attics, nonconforming spaces, and hard-to-reach areas, like corners, edges, and around framing. When applied to the recommended thickness and specifications, you can be assured that your home is energy efficient with minimal heat loss.

Unlike other insulations, it won’t settle, decay, or provide food for animals or microbes. It’s effective for the life of your home.

How Does Blown Fiberglass Insulation Work?

Blown fiberglass insulation insulates hard-to-reach spaces and fills gaps with ease.

It slows down the loss of your home’s natural comfort by greatly reducing the flow of moisture, heat, and sound through its walls, reducing reliance on artificial means of comfort like heating and air conditioning units.

Blown fiberglass insulation is especially prudent for attics since its R-value of 3.4 per inch helps keep your home naturally insulated from the top down. It also fights fungus and mold growth since the glass itself is moisture-resistant.

Fiberglass Is Also Delivery-Efficient

Since fiberglass insulation is blown into the spaces it needs to fill, attics and other areas of your home with little headroom become easier to insulate.

This makes our job easier, but it also makes your life as a homeowner more convenient: you won’t have to worry about small gaps and hard-to-reach places being improperly insulated.

You can also apply fiberglass insulation over existing insulation, removing the need to spend more money on insulation removal.

Applications for Blown Fiberglass Insulation

Attics: Can be installed up to R-70 over 1⁄2″(13mm) ceiling drywall without exceeding ceiling weight limits.

Nonconforming spaces: Insulation sprays out of the hose several feet, filling in large areas and small gaps quickly and completely.

Walls: Holes are drilled and filled with blown fiberglass, then plugged and patched.

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