Many homeowners need to replace their insulation in order to install new, updated insulation. Whether it is outdated, contaminated by rodents, moisture-damaged, or covered with debris and dirt, we have the insulation removal solution to get rid of it.

In this process, we use a high-powered vacuum connected to a 150-foot hose. The vacuum is positioned outside the home and a large volume filter bag is used to collect the insulation.

This process is not only efficient, but also keeps the home from being further contaminated by the insulation being removed from your attic or crawlspace.

What’s the Easiest Way to Remove Old Insulation?

The easiest way to complete an insulation removal job is with a high-powered, large-capacity shop vacuum, but the job itself should be conducted by a professional.

Other factors, like rodent infestations and water damage, may complicate your insulation removal job, making it more difficult to go about the work by yourself.

Insulation removal jobs also require other equipment and trained technique to be completed properly.

Can You Conduct Insulation Removal Yourself?

Technically, you can conduct insulation removal yourself; however, it’s not recommended. Improperly removing the insulation may result in further damage to your home’s structure and a lackadaisical, costly outcome.

Moreover, the insulation removal job itself, when done by yourself, can easily take up to 18 hours.

Instead, hiring a professional team to make sure the insulation removal job is done right will not only save time, but it will grant you peace-of-mind that your old and damaged insulation is being removed and updated properly.


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